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Seeing the big picture with ODU – Trainees take an educational trip to Sibiu

Mühldorf am Inn,

All 76 trainees of the Otto Dunkel GmbH made it home safe and sound – and full of amazing impressions. Every other year, ODU’s trainees organize a very special educational trip. This time they traveled to Sibiu in Romania together with their instructors.

At ODU, it’s considered important for trainees to broaden their horizons, see the bigger picture, share a valuable experience with their peers and trade Hotel Mom for a hotel room they’ve organized themselves  –  at least for a few days. Throughout their training course, every ODU trainee is given the opportunity to participate in at least one educational trip lasting several days. These trips are typically offered every other year, and this year’s trip marked the tenth of its kind. The young people are more than happy to take part. The program’s topic and activities are developed beforehand, with a project group then organizing the actual trip and itinerary. ODU covers most of the costs. And the destination tends to be unusual – one which the trainees will remember well when they think back on their traineeship. “Anyone can travel to Berlin or London. Sibiu is more unusual,” says Anna Edmaier, chief instructor at ODU.

ODU Romania Manufacturing was established in in 2006 in Sibiu, Romania, as a new production site. Since then, it has continued to develop into a center of excellence for cable assembly and connector assembly. The site has grown into a successful top-performing member of the ODU Group. Some 440 employees work at the Sibiu site which comprises premises covering 6,100 square meters. It possesses extensive capacities for manufacturing a wide range of products – and meeting the special requirements of ODU’s customers. The trainees got to see this all with their own eyes. The Sibiu site also has young people in training and this provided an opportunity for interesting and constructive exchanges in English between the German and Romanian trainees. The trip also included guided tours of Sibiu and Brasov, a visit to important landmarks and a bowling night together with the Romanian staff members. “We promote understanding for the variety of cultures and languages represented within our internationally oriented company. Because around the world, we’re all part of one and the same ODU team. And our trainees get to improve their English in the process, too,” says an enthusiastic Anna Edmaier.

ODU, a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, currently provides training in eight different vocations ( During regular work hours, trainees often lack the time to get to know each other well and engage in conversation about their particular training area. A trip abroad over several days offers the perfect opportunity for trainees to catch up with each other. “Our employees and the young staff we’ve trained are very important to us,” emphasizes Operations Manager Robert Klemisch. For this reason, trainees are provided with a wide range of opportunities for adjusting to, and becoming involved in, the ODU working environment. Art lessons, for example, promote creativity and proactivity in the trainees – with the added benefit of sometimes supporting a worthy cause. Last year, the trainees’ artwork was auctioned off at a Rotary Club charity event.

Over school breaks in spring, trial work placements are offered at the ODU premises. On Vocational Training Day, July 1, interested secondary school students can also find out more about ODU traineeships.