Flatsocket with springwire technology.


For many components and assemblies, simple low-cost flat contacts or square pins are used. These kinds of connectors have not been created with a focus on a high number of mating cycles, as they are only demated for servicing. But for the quality control during the serial production high mating cycles are needed. The ODU SPRINGTAC flat socket with springwire technology is the perfect, long-lived counterpart for testing purposes. Its low, stable resistance values make it suitable for sensitive measuring tasks as well as for the testing of high current-carrying capacity.


  • Low, stable contact resistance
  • Versions for 2 and 4-point measurement (Kelvin measurement)
  • Ideal for test adapters and replacement inserts
  • > 50,000 mating cycles
  • High current-carrying capacity

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4-point measurement

The specialty of this flat socket lies in the two contact halves which are insulated from each other.

Learn more about the contact technologies and ODU‘s development and production expertise.

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