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      [Translate to UK:] ODU-MAC Blue-Line Overview
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    Modular connectors with top packing density

    ODU-MAC® Blue-Line hybrid connectors with push-pull or spindle locking.

    ODU-MAC® enables a huge number of different transmission types to be realized within one manual rectangular connector. In this customized connection, various transmission types such as signals, high current, HF signals (coax), and a range of media can be selected, then integrated into the connector according to the modular principle. ODU-MAC® is incredibly economical, modular, and also flexible. This rectangular connector is ideally suited to manual mating. The individual modules can be assembled and removed without tools, even if the connector is preassembled.





    The new performance class.

    The combination of a standard plastic housing with the tried-and-tested ODU push-pull principle or spindle locking is unique on the connection system market. ODU-MAC® Blue-Line is setting new standards with manual connector solutions that can be configured for the smallest installation spaces – giving an impressive, custom-fit end result.
    Modules are assembled and removed without tools, while a special coding function ensures no mistakes can be made when clipping them in. The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line offers another great advantage in that the contacts are replaced from the mating side, so the crimp-clip contacts are easy to release even when the connector is assembled.

    Choose from a variety of modules: signal, power, high current, HF signal (coaxial module), compressed air and fluid, high-speed data transmission and fiber optic. For signal transmission, there is also a simple contacting option using PCB-termination modules.



    Your flexible solution

    ODU-MAC® Push-Lock Housing

    • Push-Pull locking
    • M25 cable outlet
    • > 5,000 mating cycles
    • Modular
    • IP67

    The compact, sealed ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK housing with push-pull locking is based on the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line. Seven units can be custom-fitted with hybrid connector faces offering protection class IP67. The ergonomic one-handed operation, modular design, and user friendliness of the PUSH-LOCK housing are what set it apart. A total of six optional coding functions and the tried-and-tested push-pull locking principle ensure mating is reliable and secure. This modular rectangular connector benefits from the decades of experience obtained through ODU push-pull circular connectors.

    Extremely easy handling

    through a rotary motion

    • Space-saving
    • Precise
    • Ergonomic
    • User-friendly
    • Robust

    Easy Handling

    • Tool-free clip mounting and demating of modules
    • Error-free clicking into place of modules thanks to optical and mechanical coding function

    Highest packing density

    • Smallest available design on the market (1 unit = 2.4 mm)
    • Up to 740 contacts per connector 

    For detailed product descriptions, go to the download area on the left.

    Easy contact exchange of crimp-clip contacts

    On the plug side in assembled contacts

    PCB connector modules

    • Longevity thanks to quick-change system (connector saver)

    • Optional ground connection

    • No cabling efforts required thanks to direct PCB connection

    ODU-MAC® Blue-Line = The new performance class - Simple and compact – For the most challenging applications.

    The following sectors rely on the ODU-MAC Blue-Line: measuring and testing, industrial electronics, medical technology, military and security technology and eMobility.

    Not found the right one?

    Contact us for further information

    For detailed product descriptions, go to the download area on the left.

    Your ODU contact person:

    Stefan Putz
    ODU GmbH & Co. KG
    Pregelstraße 11
    84453 Mühldorf a. Inn

    Phone: +49 8631 6156 - 1328 · Fax: +49 8631 6156 49
    stefan.putz@odu.de · www.odu.de

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