A simple explanation: The modular system of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

Mühldorf am Inn,

New video of the product highlight

The product lines of the "Modular Attachable Connectors" - MAC for short - focus on the flexibility of connectors.

The modular connector easily manages the balancing act between customer-specific configuration and standard portfolio.  The housings and modules are offered as standard, but can also be combined individually and in accordance with the application.

Flexibility is created by a large variety of modules that can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. Easy handling is the top priority.
But how exactly do you assemble these modules? The connectors of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line convince with a simple clip principle, which secures the modules in the frame.

But can really everyone implement this so easily? The clear answer is: Yes.
In the new video, we briefly introduce the modularity of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line as one of our highlights. And this much is certain: We have enough highlights and more will follow.

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