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More space for power transmission

Mühldorf am Inn,

The ODU-MAC® in XXL housing provides high-density connectors more space

Mühldorf am Inn, xy May 2015 – Hybrid connectors combine different signals, high current, and data technology in a single interface; a trend that applies to many applications. However, at the same time, the great number of transfer types requires more space. ODU introduces to the market ODU-MAC in XXL housing, a new solution that enables the configuration of the modular connectors without any space limitation. This addition to the product range permits the maximum amount of multi-pole connectors with standard components. The new ODU-MAC housing features an enlarged cable outlet which allows large cable cross sections and different cables to be installed in the strain relief. This simplifies the assembly of complex inter­faces and reduces the assembly time. The receptacle style ensures optimal ergonomic hand–ling which makes mating and un-mating easier for the end customer. In addition to the lever locking option, the new housing is also available in the standard versions with ODU spindle locking. The customer has a choice of color, too: the connector system is available in gray as standard and a white version is available upon request. “This new product is a response to the current market demands,” explains Bernhard Säckl, Portfolio Management Rectangular Connector at ODU. “This way, we create perfect connections in high-current applications and testing processes.” Further information about the technology company and the ODU-MAC® modular rectangular connector series can be found at