New 20 contacts high-density signal module

Mühldorf am Inn,

With pin protection against mechanical damage

The 20-pin signal module expands the versatility – and thus the assembly possibilities – of the ODU-MAC® White-Line and Silver-Line.

This high-density module impresses thanks to its minimal space requirements – just 2 units instead of the previously required 4 units. This creates valuable space for additional transmission modules in the connector. In addition, the integrated touch protection prevents mechanical damage to the signal contacts. Its versatile uses, for example in medical or industrial applications, make it a true all-rounder.
A similar module already exists for the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line and is proving extremely popular.

Technical specifications at a glance:

  • Mating cycles: minimum 100,000
  • Contact diameter: 0.76 mm | 2 units
  • Current-carrying capacity1: 11A with 0.38 mm² conductor cross-section
  • Operating voltage² up to 250 V
  • PCB termination available

Learn more about the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line and ODU-MAC® White-Line product lines or download more information about the module here.

1 Definition max. continuous current see ODU-MAC® Silver-Line | ODU DOCK Silver-Line catalog page 197
² Acc. to IEC 60664-1:2007 (VDE 0110-1:2008)