ODU DOCK – The 1-pole High-current connector

Mühldorf am Inn,

In order to respond to the growing demand for high current transmission for industrial installations, switchgear and test equipment, we created a new product concept "1-pole high-current connector".

This connector was designed on the base of the successful ODU DOCK product line. Besides the outstanding capability for high current transmission through ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology, this 1-pole connector is equipped with contact protection on both sides. This new product concept strives to realize a customer-friendly and safe use as all other ODU products do. Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection with high mating cycles, this 1-pole high-current connector should be the preferred choice.

Outstanding capability for high current transmission

  • Rated voltage up to 630V at pollution degree 3
  • Current-carrying capacity up to 200A
  • Conductor cross section 50 mm², 70 mm² and 95 mm²
  • With contact protection
  • IP X5
  • ODU DOCK plastic housing size 3
  • Min.100.000 mating cycles
  • Cable exit M32x1.5 (cable Ø7-21 mm)

We are glad to hear your valuable suggestions to this product concept before we start producing serially.

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Contact information:

Mr. Xin Yao
Telephone: +49(0)8631 6156-1733