ODU invests in Mühldorf site

Mühldorf am Inn,

Right on time before the Easter holidays, ODU’s new company parking lot on Pregelstraße was completed ‒ providing 130 additional parking spaces for ODU staff.

Preliminary work on the Pregelstraße project had already begun late last year, when some 9,200 square meters of soil needed to be moved. This required thorough preparation. The municipal planning and building control office was also involved in the planning and implementation of the project. “The collaborate effort was exemplary,” says Chief Operations Officer Robert Klemisch. “With this new parking lot, we’ve also gained access to regional public transport. The bus stop layout outside our factory gate is so generous that even the largest buses are able to turn around easily.” The total area covers 7,500 square meters. Greenery will be added around the parking lot over the course of this year.

The reason behind the construction of this new parking lot is just as positive. Previously, staff members had only been able to use the parking areas on the factory premises. The northeastern section of the premises, however, will now be needed for a new assembly shop, and construction for this building has already begun. The new assembly hall, which will cover 1,500 square meters, is set to be completed by late September 2017, to be used in the company’s 75th anniversary celebration. Every year, ODU invests ten percent of its turnover in the development of its various sites. The parking lot project cost about 500,000 euros. Another two million euros will be invested in the new assembly shop. ODU’s orders continue to roll in, and their order books are well-filled. These investments aim to provide for ODU’s long-term growth as the specialist for electrical connector technology.