Perfect solutions in medical technology

Mühldorf am Inn,

ODU’s new brochure showcases connector solutions for the sophisticated technologies of the medical sector

Mühldorf am Inn, May 11, 2016 – The demands on the medical technology sector
continue to intensify, as medical applications are ever more complex and diverse, and
must comply with the strictest of legal regulations. When it comes to precision, relia-­
bility and application security, each and every component must fulfill the highest
possible standards – and this includes electrical connectors. ODU supplies a wide
range of connector solutions with unbeatable failure protection and consistently out-­
standing performance, whether for treatment, diagnostics, patient monitoring or home
care. The technology specialist’s impressive know-­how and production and imple-­
mentation expertise are now presented in a detailed medical technology brochure. This
publication showcases ODU’s extensive portfolio in a fresh new design: from the
modular rectangular ODU-­MAC connector to the circular ODU MINI-­SNAP, ODU MEDI-­
SNAP and ODU AMC High-­Density push-­pull connectors to single contacts. ODU
specialists work in close collaboration with their customers to develop customized
connector solutions for every specific application. If required, ODU delivers the cable
assembly as well. The selection of application examples in the brochure provides in-­
sight into ODU’s expertise. To download the medical technology brochure or to find out
more about ODU and its product series, please visit