Robust protection and ideal strain relief

Mühldorf am Inn,

ODU develops ODU-MAC® strain relief housing for modular connector systems

Mühldorf am Inn, 16th March, 2016 – ODU has once again proven its implementation expertise: The technology specialist has developed a strain relief housing for the ODU-MAC, an add-on solution created specifically to meet the demands of ODU-MAC interfaces. The new housing, which protects the termination area against harsh environmental conditions such as blows, dirt and liquids (IP 50 min.), also offers a crucially important detail: the optimal strain relief of the cables, provided by the strain relief housing. “Strain relief is one important difference when it comes to the overall performance of the interface,” explains Bernhard Säckl of the ODU Rectangular Connector Portfolio Management. “The ODU-MAC strain relief housing offers more than just protection − it gives our clients an additional economic benefit.” Easier handling rounds it all off: Correct assembly becomes even simpler with this add-on product. The aluminum housing allows for individual strain relief and the affixing of additional circuit boards and component parts in the protected interior. A feedthrough ground connection is also available. “We’re the first company in the connector market to provide a matching housing for the strain relief of the docking frame in a standard product,” emphasizes Bernhard Säckl. The new product is available for all six automatic docking frames, which are especially made for tackle the challenges of automatic docking situations. ODU, therefore, can now deliver complete system solutions to its clients from a single source, including the connector, matching housing and, if required, the cable assembly as well. For perfect connections. To find out more about ODU and the ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector – which, in 2016, has been successfully available on the market for 30 years − go to