Slotted contacts.


The universal ODU TURNTAC contact system combines the very best contact properties and high quality with economic prices. It has stood the test of even the toughest application areas. The contact principle can be even used in dimensions as tiny as 0.3 mm in diameter. Depending on the variety of slotted contact, the connector systems offers two or four contact areas.


  • Turned, slotted contacts
  • Rugged contact system, suitable even for harsh environment
  • > 10,000 mating cycles
  • Low and stable mating and demating forces
  • Tiniest dimensions possible, down to 0.3 mm contact diameter
  • Mating possible at an angle of up to a 5°

ODU contact technologies

Learn more about the contact technologies and ODU‘s development and production expertise.

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Contacts in connectors

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Learn more about the contact technologies and ODU‘s development and production expertise.

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