Cable Assembly
  • Overmolding in silicone, hot-melt and high-pressure procedures
  • Prototyping, small and high volume production
  • Only available in combination with an ODU connector


In addition to high quality connectors, ODU also offers a comprehensive service for complete system solutions. From connectors, cables and cable overmolding to watertight potting – we supply your complete system from a single source.

From matching the connectors to the cables and purchasing the individual components through to development, prototyping, cable assembly and technical documentation – we take care of everything necessary for a complete system solution. And by providing this complete package, we offer the best possible guarantee for a completely perfect result.


  • One point of contact for the complete system
  • Many years of experience in cable assembly
  • Profound expertise regarding our proprietary connectors combined with an excellent technical understanding when it comes to processing third-party products
  • Standard and customized overmolding via hot-melt and high-pressure processes in both straight and right-angled designs
  • Silicone overmolding for medical products
  • 100% final inspection
  • Custom labeling and cable printing
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for small, medium and high volumes at production sites worldwide
  • Close collaboration with leading cable manufacturers for the respective markets
  • Process-controlled solder and crimp monitoring from the initial samples through to series readiness
  • Production possible in cleanroom in accordance with ISO 14644-1:2015
  • High-speed data technology system solutions
  • Production in accordance with UL possible (File: E333666)

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Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
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Inhalation Device

ODU developed an application-specific system solution in hermaphrodite form for an inhalation device...

Device for hands free control of neurosurgical microscope

The hands free device allows to control neurosurgical microscope without hands, just moving the...

Wire audio conference system

This audio conference system was specially developed for the requirements of referees.

System solution for innovative LED pool lighting

The newest generation of pool lighting uses LEDs which enable lively and rich colours without the...

LED street lighting

This innovative street lamp with LED technology uses the ODU MINI-SNAP series F. ODU supplies the...

Complete LED street lighting system

These city and park lamps are equipped with the latest high-power LED technology. ODU provided a...
What benefits do you gain from our silicone-overmolded system solutions? Discover our technology with unique surface.
Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
Learn more about our customized overmoldings for connectors assembled by ODU – for prototypes and samples, as well as small and large series.
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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

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ODU MINI-MED® Overmolded Assembled Plastic Connector

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Silicone overmolded system solutions

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ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source

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Cleaning Alcohol for Expanded Beam Technologie – Safety Data Sheet

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Whitepaper EEPROM

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Custom overmolding for samples as well as small and large series

Benefit from flexibility as well as time and cost savings by choosing customized overmoldings for...


Losing time due to arduous procurement pathways, too many quotations, and being forced to deal with...

New catalog: standard cables and accessories

ODU presents a large selection of standard cables and accessories in a new catalog. Both cables and...

Silicone-overmolded system solutions

Give us 90 seconds to convince you: You need a nonsticky hygienic surface, an autoclavable system or...


Everything from one source: ODU offers a customized, complete system solution. This means that every...
Technical Data
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