ODU AMC® Easy-Clean
  • Extremely robust and stable housing
  • Fast and simple cleaning
  • Contact inserts with pogo pins


Whether mud, dust or snowy mush – this plug's contacts can be easily and quickly cleaned in the field even under the most unfavourable conditions. A connector design based on real -world conditions and the use of the "pogo pin" contact system ensure it. In the unmated state, the connector contacts lie flat and can therefore be very easily cleaned.

  • Fast and simple cleaning of the connectors in the field
  • Contact inserts with pogo pins
  • Break-Away connector, receptacle and docking connector available and plug compatible with one another

ODU now offers a brand new additional locking kit for the Easy-Clean version of the ODU AMC® Connector. With the locking kit, screw locking is possible in addition to the original Break-Away function. The screw lock offers additional security whenever high vibrations occur.


  • Extremely robust and stable housing with non-reflecting surface
  • Break-Away function
  • Maximum operating reliability thanks to mechanical coding and visual colour coding
  • Watertight – protection class IP6K8 and IP6K9K
  • Operating temperature range from -51° C (-60° F) to +125° C (+257° F)
  • Contacts for solder and PCB termination
  • Light, compact and easy to use – blind mating is also possible
  • Easy-Clean version with Pogo pins for fast and simple cleaning in the field
  • 360° shielding for excellent, trouble-free data transfer
  • Long service life  → 5,000 mating cycles
  • 7 - 19 poles
  • 3 sizes
  • Cable assembly included

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ODU AMC® Easy-Clean
What benefits do you gain from our silicone-overmolded system solutions? Discover our technology with unique surface.
Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
So you already have our ODU AMC® Easy-Clean with Break-Away function, but also need screw locking? Discover our easy-to-use ODU AMC® Easy-Clean Locking Kit, which is suitable for retrofitting.
Learn more about our customized overmoldings for connectors assembled by ODU – for prototypes and samples, as well as small and large series.
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ODU AMC® Easy-Clean

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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

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ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source

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Vision Systems

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ODU AMC® Assembly Instruction In-Line Receptacle | 010.645.001.000.003

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ODU AMC® Assembly Instruction Break-Away and Easy-Clean | 010.645.001.000.004

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ODU AMC® Easy Clean Locking Kit Assembly Instruction | 010.645.001.000.030

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Cleaning Alcohol for Expanded Beam Technologie – Safety Data Sheet

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ODU offers an additional Locking Kit for the Easy-Clean version of the ODU AMC®. The Locking Kit...

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