• Versatile combination options
  • High chemical resistance
  • Durable connector solution


When you choose the ODU MINI-SNAP® PC, you get a high-quality Push-Pull plastic connector with unique features. With the appropriate combination, the connection is tight (IP67), protected against accidental contact and shielded, all in the most compact space possible – an ideal solution for many demanding applications e.g. in medical technology.


  • Versatile combination options thanks to standard inserts with from 2 to 27 contacts
  • Low weight
  • IP50, IP67 when mated
  • Shielded plastic housing with 100% protection against accidental contact possible
  • Very high chemical resistance in all components
  • Coding using half-shells effectively prevents mismating
  • 5,000 mating cycles and more
  • Available in 3 sizes – outer diameter from 12.5 mm to 19 mm
  • Contacts available with solder, crimp or PCB termination
  • Cable assembly included
  • All
  • Medical
  • Test and measurement

Multi-Therapy Infusion System

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Precise measuring calibrator for unified signals

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Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
We care about good contacts - do you? Contact lubrication with the Service Kit for Electrical Contacts.
Learn more about our customized overmoldings for connectors assembled by ODU – for prototypes and samples, as well as small and large series.
  • All
  • Application- and Customer-Specific Solutions
  • Assembly
  • Circular Connectors
  • Connectors for Docking and Robot Systems
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Modular connectors

ODU MINI-SNAP® PC Circular Connector made of plastic

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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

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New products circular connectors

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ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source

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ODU MINI-SNAP® PC Assembly Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Everything from one source: ODU offers a customized, complete system solution. This means that every...
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