Modular connectors
The smart way for individual connections.

ODU-MAC® Modular Connectors and cable assembly

Enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to our modular designs and quick-coupling options.

The modular versatility of the ODU-MAC® and ODU DOCK product lines enables a huge number of transmission types to be individually combined within one manual connector or automatic docking system.

Whether for signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), media such as air or fluid, high-speed data transmission, or fiber optics – you can select all types of transmission and integrate them into your customized connection solution for automatic docking or manual mating.

In this way, the ODU-MAC® and ODU DOCK flexibly adapt to your needs. Select the most suitable variant from our product lines – we offer optimal solutions for your docking system in the form of rectangular connectors, as well as circular connectors in our Silver-Line.

Having a solution from a single source comes with numerous benefits, especially when dealing in complex systems such as modular connectors. ODU will supply you with a fully tailored complete solution, with no need for any bought-in parts. These solutions can even be produced in small batch runs.

ODU-MAC® Silver-Line / ODU DOCK Silver-Line

Modular connectors
For automatic docking and robot systems

ODU-MAC White-Line
ODU-MAC® White-Line

Manual mating
ergonomic handling with maximum contact density

ODU-MAC Blue-Line
ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

The new performance class
efficient, modular and flexible for manual mating in the smallest of installation spaces.

ODU-MAC® Overview

Find the right solution for your requirement