Inhouse Competence
Everything from a single source
This is how ODU creates a prepacked, customized solution, with everything from the initial inquiry to the delivery note processed under one roof:
Step 1

Customer service & technical support

First, our internal and field sales staff get to know all about your application and really get to grips with exactly what you want from the product. This is best done by meeting face to face. We already have access to a range of 90,000 different products – and we will work together with you to develop product number 90,001.
We liaise closely with the production and quality assurance departments to define the relevant technical and commercial requirements for the product, before drawing up specifications in consultation with the customer.


We have development centers in Germany, the USA, and China, so we are always by your side no matter where in the world you are. Not only will you benefit from ODU’s many years of experience in developing new ideas, but also from the opportunity to combine this expertise with new knowledge arising from the company’s very own research. So you get products that are specifically tailored to your needs and always state of the art.

Step 2


We have around 100 design specialists, who will discuss the technical feasibility of your project with you. We base this work on the latest scientific standards, but are always happy to go one step further; during our internal consultation and development phase, we use simulation programs to make and test a product prototype. And of course, we do all that as quickly as possible.

3D printing

Knowing what the finished connector looks like at the beginning? 3D printing makes it possible! If your requirements include special geometries, for example, we will just give it a try. The dummy can also be installed for testing purposes. So both we and you know from the start if everything is technically realizable as planned.

Step 3

Product manufacturing

When development is complete, the product moves on to manufacturing; this department will have been involved in planning the project from the very beginning.
If new tools are required, ODU is also able to design these in-house and make them in the company’s own tool shop – fully tailor-made. This enables ODU to achieve vertical integration of 75 %.


Your product solution passes through these production stations one after the other:



Molding shop:

Insulators and many connector housings are made here.

Turning shop:

Contacts are produced from a huge variety of materials on 160 automatic lathes.

Stamping shop:

Up to 220 million stamped contacts are manufactured here every year.

Electroplating shop:

Here the turned or stamped contacts are given a particular coating, depending on what the final product will actually be used for. We coat the housings in our on-site electroplating shop too.


All the individual parts made up until this point are put together here, using a range of methods from fully automatic machines down to hand assembly, to create the final product.

Cable assembly:

We give you a complete solution from a single source.

Step 4

Technology Test Center

We conduct tests and inspections in our on-site laboratory – the Technology Test Center, or T²C for short, was founded in 2014.

Such tests include:
  • Tests to determine autoclavability
  • Tests for harsh environments where product will be exposed to saltwater, extreme heat or extreme cold, for example
  • Leak tests
  • Vibration simulations
  • By developing products and creating reliable simulation forecasts at the same time, we are able to come up with a rapid solution that is cost-effective for you.


Step 5

Once the product has passed all the tests, it is sent to the customer, ready for operation.

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