• Maximum current-carrying capacity
  • Highest temperature resistance
  • High vibration resistance


The ODU LAMTAC® is a high-performance contact system with lamella technology. It consists of a turned carrier containing one or several stamped lamella belts. The lamella´s individual slats make for a multitude of contact points, thereby guaranteeing a high level of contact security and ease of connecting.



  • Current-carrying capacity of up to 2,400 amperes
  • > 10,000 mating cycles
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Low contact resistance
  • Automated lamella assembly
  • High contact security
  • Temperature resistance ODU LAMTAC® up to 150°C
  • Cable assembly included


ODU LAMTAC® - Discover our high-performance and high-temperature contacts featuring lamella technology.
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ODU LAMTAC® on the test bench

The reliable transmission of high performance under climate changing conditions demands high...

Electrical Surfboard Hydrofoil

The Hydrofoil electric surfboard from MHL Custom/Lift Foils requires a connection that is highly...

Angular connectors

A complex 90° connector including the ODU LAMTAC technology is used for stackable module current...

ODU LAMTAC® mounted with an external thread on the busbar

The ODU LAMTAC® socket with an external thread is suitable for simple mounting on the busbar.

High current-carrying capacity combined with high temperature resistance

For this application-specific solution, the time-tested contact technology of the ODU LAMTAC series...
Learn more about the contact technologies and ODU‘s development and production expertise.
ODU LAMTAC® - Discover our high-performance and high-temperature contacts featuring lamella technology.
Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
We care about good contacts - do you? Contact lubrication with the Service Kit for Electrical Contacts.
Facing problems with calibrating digital crimping tools? Learn more about the correct procedure.
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ODU Electrical Contacts

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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

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ODU Electrical Contacts Overview

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ODU SPC 16 单芯大电流连接器概览

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ODU eMobility

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Special lubricant for Electrical Contacts - material safety data sheet

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Service Manual for Electrical Contacts

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Gold is the most...
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